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Green homes built to last

Future-focused homes

Bellway is committed to bringing our customers low-carbon homes built with the future in mind, utilising the latest homebuilding technology to create forward-thinking green communities.

Discover more about the key technologies we're already implementing in selected new-build homes across the UK.*

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Solar PV
  • Google Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Air source heat pump
  • Energy-efficient homes
  • Additional cost-saving technologies
  • Please note: the above technologies are available on selected sites and plots only. Please speak to your sales advisor for further information about your chosen development.

New technologies being put in place*

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging

Benefit from the accessibility of a home charging point and save money when filling up. Already being installed at many of our new developments, these high-quality units are supplied by reliable manufacturers to ensure the convenience and financial benefit of overnight charge, so you can wake up to an environmentally friendly future.

Electric vehicle charging
Solar PV

Solar PV

Expert installation of rooftop solar panels on many of our new homes will provide customers with everyday savings and a sustainable source of energy. With a clean and eco-friendly power supply and low maintenance costs, these panels will reduce energy spending and contribute to low-carbon living.

Solar PV
Google Nest

Google Nest

A smart learning thermostat - already available at selected developments - will provide customers with a modern, energy-saving, smart home temperature control device. Suiting individual needs, the Google Nest will help create energy-efficient schedules to reduce heating and cooling costs, among other features.

Google Nest
Air source heat pump

Air source heat pump

Reliable temperature-controlling technology fitted to selected homes for efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving you money. By utilising an air-to-water heat pump, the temperature of your home can be precisely controlled even in adverse weather conditions, providing peace of mind all year round.

Air source heat pump
Energy efficient homes

Energy-efficient homes

Buying new with Bellway is choosing an energy-efficient home built with cost savings in mind. Expert building practices ensure every detail is considered to produce high-specification homes that are greener and cheaper to run. Bellway considers environmental impact, building long-term sustainable communities.

Happy family

Additional advancements

A range of further technologies will also be introduced, designed to lower costs, reduce heat loss, and improve living quality. These include thicker loft insulation, a waste water heat recovery system, thermally broken lintels, PV diverters, and many other advancements. You’ll also benefit from better air quality as we move to an enhanced ventilation system.

Additional technologies

Live Better with Bellway

At Bellway, we are committed to driving environmentally friendly change within our industry. We unveiled our Future Home at The University of Salford, an experimental eco house built to trial low-carbon technologies.

The house has been constructed within a chamber at Energy House 2.0, the university’s £16 million research facility which was part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Future Home and the wider Energy House 2.0 project will pioneer new ways to build homes, as well as teaching us how we can live in a greener and more cost-conscious way.

Discover homes built for the future
Energy House 2.0

Making mindful changes

Not only do we effect change in the way we build our homes, but we’re also looking to make changes across our whole supply chain, striving to produce green, sustainable communities. We continue to make efforts to reduce our waste, discover alternative packing options, and continue to reduce our emissions.

Due to the way we’ve implemented our carbon-reduction techniques, our homes now produce 24% less emissions, which has beaten our initial target of 10% two years early.

Making mindful changes

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*The future-focused technology listed on this page is not currently implemented in all of our homes. However, Bellway is working hard to ensure an increasing number of sites across the UK benefit from these innovative techniques. Speak to our sales advisor to find out what technology is currently available at your chosen development.