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Electric vehicle charging

A convenient way to charge your car from home

Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicle charging

Be part of a greener future with our high-specification homes

We are beginning to fit electric vehicle wall charging units to our homes across the country.

With this, you'll be able to charge an electric car or plug-in hybrid at home.

Not only will you be helping to create a greener future, you'll will have and easier and more convenient way to charge up your car.

Embrace the low-carbon lifestyle

Bellway Homes will be installing high-quality electric vehicle charging units to all new homes in future developments.*

These units will be supplied by a range of carefully chosen and reliable manufacturers, ensuring the best for your vehicle and home.

Car charging
at home
Electric vehicle charging

Benefits for our customers

Charge while you sleep

Electric vehicle owners will benefit from the accessibility of a home charging point, filling up the car overnight without petrol station queues.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Switching to an electric vehicle is the greener choice, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

High-specification touches

Implemented with a greener future in mind, the charging units are just one of the many forward-thinking aspects of our high-specification homes.


Electric vehicles are the future, promoting a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative.

Live Better with Bellway

Bellway unveiled its Future Home at The University of Salford, an experimental eco house built to trial low-carbon technologies.

The house has been constructed within a chamber at Energy House 2.0, the university’s £16 million research facility which was part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Future Home and the wider Energy House 2.0 project will pioneer new ways to build homes, as well as teaching us how we can live in a more environmentally friendly and cost-conscious way.

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Energy House 2.0

More information about electric vehicle charging

What are the benefits of EVC at home?

Electric vehicle (EV) owners will benefit from the accessibility of a home charging point, allowing you to conveniently and reliably charge your EV from home.

Designed with a greener future in mind, the charging points are just one of the many forward-thinking initiatives offered by Bellway, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Where will my charging point be located?

The location of the electric vehicle charging unit will be taken into account on a home-by-home basis. We will ensure your unit is placed in the most useful position for your individual property.

How quickly will my car charge?

Electric vehicle charging units will charge your car twice as fast as a standard three-pin plug

How much will it cost to charge my car?

There are several factors that may affect cost, such as the specification and electricity requirements of the car, and your home energy tariff. However, charging at home removes the premiums of public top-up spots. If you have an off-peak electric tariff, charging during this period can also result in cheaper charging..

How safe are electric vehicle charging points?

The units are fitted with automatic power balancing to ensure electrical load is safely managed, so you can rest soundly during overnight charges.

Why is electric vehicle charging the greener choice?

Electric cars are greener than combustion engine vehicles, so by moving to an electric car, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

What type of unit will I receive?

These units will be supplied by a range of carefully chosen and reliable manufacturers, ensuring the best for you and your home, whether you currently own an electric vehicle or are thinking of purchasing one in the future. Please note, the brand of your unit may vary by development and plot.

More than a home builder

All you need when it comes to finding your new home

*T&Cs apply. EVC points are already fitted on many of our new homes and will be included as standard on all future developments. Speak to the sales advisor at your chosen development for further information.