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Air source heat pump

The energy-efficient heating system for new homes

Warm homes with air source heat pumps
Air source heat pump technology

Warm your home and not the planet

The technology fitted in our homes is completely gas-free, offering a highly efficient and environmentally friendly heating system.

How do air source heat pumps work?

Think of an air source heat pump as the reverse of a fridge. It extracts heat from the outside air, converting heat into useable energy by passing it through a compressor, where this temperature is increased. The heat is then used for radiators and hot water within your home.

Air source heat pumps

Benefits for our customers

A warm, comfortable home

Using reliable technology, the heat pump is able to precisely control the temperature of your property, even in adverse weather conditions (-20°C). This means your new home will be warmed during the winter months, while providing hot water all year round.

Energy-saving solution

The heat pump creates 75% of energy for free by utilising air-to-water heat pump technology. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly, the system is designed to capture heat energy from the ambient air outside, transferring it into heat and hot water for your home – even in extremely low temperatures.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Air source heat pumps don’t rely on fossil fuels to generate heat, meaning they are far more environmentally friendly than a traditional gas boiler.

A space-saving solution in your home

Thanks to its innovative design, the air source heat pump is located outside of your home, offering an ideal space-saving solution. The compact outdoor unit contains all of the refrigerant unit and condenser, leaving only discreet water pipes inside of your property.

Live Better with Bellway

Bellway unveiled its Future Home at The University of Salford, an experimental eco house built to trial low-carbon technologies.

The house has been constructed within a chamber at Energy House 2.0, the university’s £16 million research facility which was part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Future Home and the wider Energy House 2.0 project will pioneer new ways to build homes, as well as teaching us how we can live in a more environmentally friendly and cost-conscious way.

Find out more
Energy House 2.0

Air source heat pump FAQs

Will my home be fitted with an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are currently only available at selected Bellway homes and developments. Please speak with one of our sales advisors at your chosen development to find out more.

Is an air source heat pump the right choice for me?

An air source heat pump is an alternative way to heat your home, and a more sustainable option than oil or gas heating. Buying new with Bellway ensures your heat pump will be incorporated into the design of your home, providing a cost-effective and low-carbon heating source from the moment you move in.

How should I use it?

Unlike a gas boiler, an air source heat pump is designed to provide a low, constant heat, rather than ‘on demand’ heating. Used correctly, an ASHP can be three times more efficient than a gas boiler; better for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Where does the heat pump go?

If your new home is equipped with an exhaust air heat pump, they replace a traditional cylinder and boiler, and so take up no more space than the gas systems we're used to. If you have an air source heat pump, these are located outside of your home, so there’s no need to compromise on living space.

What are the benefits of an air source heat pump over a gas boiler?

As we move away from fossil fuels in order to better protect the environment, air source heat pumps offer a low carbon alternative, which when used correctly, can provide efficient heating and hot water to your home.

Can a heat pump heat my home when it’s cold outside?

Yes, the heat pump uses sustainable technology to provide heating and hot water to your home even during the coldest winter months. The system is equipped to deal with temperatures as low as -20°c, and fitted with an electric immersion heater to act as a back-up in extreme conditions.

What maintenance is required for this system?

As with traditional gas boilers, a service every 12 months should be carried out to ensure your equipment is performing as it should be. This work should be undertaken by a trained installer or engineer.

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