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A warm welcome home

You could save £2,195 per year when you move into one of our energy-efficient Bellway houses.

We're committed to a greener and more environmentally friendly way of doing things. On average, it will cost just over £1,600 to run a new Bellway house a year – that’s 63% cheaper than the cost of a typical existing home, meaning potential savings of £182 a month on your energy bills.*

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Every detail matters

Each and every detail is carefully considered – from insulation through to window glazing – so that you can enjoy lower energy bills all year round.

Energy Efficient Homes

Benefits of buying new

When buying a new Bellway house compared to an older home you will save the following:

A Bellway house with an EPC rating of B or above could save you over £2,600


A Bellway house with an EPC rating of B or above could save £2,195, or £182 a month on your energy bills, when compared with an older home.*

97% of new Bellway houses hold an EPC rating of B or above for energy efficiency


Due to the implementation of our pioneering technology, your energy bills will be 63% cheaper than the cost of a typical existing home.

EPC rating of B or above


99% of new Bellway houses hold an EPC rating of B or above for energy efficiency. For comparison, less than 5% of second-hand homes hold the same rating**.

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Built with cost savings in mind

Energy-saving insulation

Through enhanced manufacturing processes and other smart innovations, insulation used in Bellway houses improves heat retention, helping to save money on household bills.

Environmentally friendly

Walls in a Bellway house utilise energy-efficient insulation to help trap warmth and drive down running costs. In addition, the materials contain a high level of recycled bottle-bank glass helping the environment.

Modern solutions

As standard, each house we build makes use of an insulated concrete floor solution, providing the property with first-rate thermal efficiency.

Visible results

Double-glazed windows help to keep homes warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, enabling homeowners to enjoy money-saving benefits throughout the year.

Cost savings in detail

Cost savings against an average second-hand home...

* Figures based on HBF 2023 'Watt a Save' report, full details at bottom of page

On average, with a new house from Bellway, you’d save £2,195 a year, over £182 a month on energy bills.


Save an average of just over £1,680 per year on energy bills when you purchase a new build property (houses and apartments).


On average, with a new apartment from Bellway, you’d save over £850 a year or £71 a month on energy bills.

Environmentally friendly solutions

From environmental impact assessments through to investing in eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic, we’re doing everything we can to drive environmentally friendly innovation within our industry.


In 2021, we planted 17,200 tree saplings across our developments.


During 2021, we diverted 99.4% of our waste away from landfills.

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Electric car charging at selected developments

Be part of a greener future with our high-specification homes

We are now fitting electric vehicle wall charging units at selected developments. You will be able to charge an electric car (or plug-in hybrid) at home. Not only will you be helping to create a greener future but will have a easier and convenient way to charge up your car.

For full specification on vehicle wall charging units please speak with your sales advisor.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The average new Bellway property would emit 1.32 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, versus an average EPC Band D rated property which emits 4.08 tonnes.

That's a saving of 2.76 tonnes a year which is the equivalent of a return flight from Manchester to Rio De Janeiro.

†source: carbonfootprint.com

Go green and save more

Every household in the UK creates tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Billions is wasted on energy in the UK each year. Collectively, we spend millions on electricity by using washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. This produces millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

For hints and tips on how you can save more energy, see below.

Energy Efficient Homes

Heating your home

Whilst we typically heat our homes between 18°C and 21°C, if this were lowered by just 1°C you could trim up to 10% off your fuel bill. We’d also recommend setting your thermostat to switch on earlier as opposed to turning it on as soon as it gets colder outside.

Recycling in your home

Recycling in your home

Our homes produce around 30 million tonnes of waste every year, 80% of which can be recycled, composted and reused in other ways. You can keep more of your waste away from landfill by making use of your recycling collections and nearby waste recycling centres.

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Saving water & electricity

Run your dishwasher only when you have a full load, since it will always use the same amount of water and electricity, whether it’s full or not. Also instead of a 60°C washing cycle, try 30°C or 40°C. You’ll end up using around 33% less electricity and just like the dishwasher, wait until you have a full load before using it.

Your Nest
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Building long-term, sustainable communities

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Energy-efficient homes

At Bellway, we’re working on behalf of our customers to seek new ways to keep running costs down – such as smart thermostats and other technologies – so that you save money with your new home.

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Protecting the local environment

The communities we create are built with the objective of protecting the local environment. This is implemented through ecological surveys, biodiversity mitigation, and so much more.

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Reducing emissions

We’re already working on creating technologies that reduce carbon emissions from our homes. From 2025, each home we build will produce 75 – 80% less carbon emissions than those delivered under current building regulations.

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Making the right choices

The greener solutions we’re currently implementing on developments, including installing sustainable drainage systems and creating comprehensive biodiversity plans, ensure that we are exceeding our current goals for producing more environmentally friendly communities.

More than a home builder

All you need when it comes to finding your new home

* Figures based on HBF 2024 'Watt a Save' report. Based on HBF analysis of EPC ratings, taking into account the scheduled Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) increases.

** Source: HBF report 2024 and Bellway data from 5 SAP assessors from 1 Aug 2022 – 13 May 2024.

† Source: carbonfootprint.com (this is for the carbon message)