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We are offering drop-in appointments across all our developments; however, should you wish to have dedicated time with our sales advisor, we encourage you to book ahead. Click here for further details.

Homeowners support

Each Bellway home is quality checked and we have procedures in place to ensure that the move into your new home is as smooth as possible. This process is undertaken initially by on-site Sales Advisors and Site Managers, and afterwards through our dedicated Customer Care teams.

Buying with Bellway

What level of service can I expect from Bellway?

We aim to make moving home as simple as possible, and from the day you walk on to our development to the moment we hand over the keys to your brand new home, we undertake to provide you with the best possible customer service. Our Customer Service Charter describes the level of service and standards that you can expect from Bellway.

Will Bellway keep in contact with me after I have moved in?

Our Sales Advisor and Site Manager will propose a 3 day and 7 day courtesy visit to your home on the day of completion, to ensure you have settled into your new home and to offer any assistance which may be deemed necessary at this time.

Our Customer Care Team will then contact you approximately 14 days after completion to remind you of the contact details and reporting procedure, following handover from our Site Team.

What information will I receive on my new home?

Along with the Buildmark Policy details (or a similar industry regulated insurance scheme), Bellway will provide our Homecare Booklet on reservation, exchange of contracts, or at legal completion. This booklet contains vital information on maintaining and living in your home in the first few years from completion. If possible, we recommend you read through this booklet prior to your Home Demonstration.

You will also receive a Handover Folder on the day of completion, which contains all relevant instructions and manuals for the components and appliances fitted to your new home.

Will I be able to view my home before completion?

Our Home Demonstration is designed to acquaint you with all aspects of your new home. This demonstration will be arranged with our Site Manager on completion of your new home, and ideally, prior to legal completion.

Whilst additional Home Demonstrations may be allowed on specific developments, this cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on individual circumstances and at the discretion of the Site Manager. Please discuss your request with the development’s Sales Advisor.

Am I able to alter or extend my home after legal completion?

Any alterations or extensions may adversely affect the warranty cover provided by Bellway. Please discuss any proposals with your divisional Bellway Office, should you plan to alter or extend your home.

What if something goes wrong?

Bellway provides all our new homeowners with warranty cover for the first two years of ownership. Our warranty provides protection against the manifestation of any defect in this period and is supplemented by additional insurance protection provided in years three to ten, through the NHBC or a similar industry regulated insurance scheme.

What is the definition of a defect?

A defect is defined as non-compliance, or a failure to perform to the regulatory standards covering all aspects of your new home.

What is not defined as a defect?

Any damages not detailed on the Quality Assurance form at the point of legal completion.

Damage caused by storms, negligence, abuse, or a failure to maintain a product in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A drainage issue caused by the flushing or disposal of inappropriate products or substances into the drainage system.

Normal settlement and shrinkage cracks.

Condensation or associated problems caused by a failure to adequately ventilate the property.

How do I report a defect?

Please contact the Customer Care Team at your respective division by visiting here.

What do I do if there is an Emergency in my new home?

Bellway’s divisional Customer Care Teams will address any emergency within normal working hours.  We also have a long established relationship with Safeguard Call Handling Services for all out of office hour’s emergencies. Safeguard should be contacted when our Customer Care departments are closed, by telephoning 01207 503 293.

What is the definition of an Emergency?

Complete failure of the heating and/or hot water system.
Complete loss of water or gas supply (please check with relevant authority/supplier that the problem is not caused by a temporary supply interruption).
A water leak that cannot be contained or is penetrating an electrical fitting.
Gas leaks (you should also call out your gas supplier immediately, who will isolate the leak and have your home made safe).
Loss of electricity supply. You must check first with your supplier to ascertain whether there has been an interruption, such as a local power failure, to the supply. This will only be considered an emergency situation if there is a complete loss of power to the entire unit which cannot be rectified by resetting the trip switch on the consumer unit.
A failure of locks or mechanisms leaving the property unsecured. (This does not apply to garage doors where the garage is detached, or where there is an additional security door preventing access to the home.)
A blockage in the underground drainage system, causing water to back up in WCs.  In such circumstances, please do not allow any more water to enter the drainage system and contact the Customer Care Department immediately, or Safeguard if outside of normal office hours.

My home

How do I look after my new home?

Just like a new car, your new home needs to 'run in'. During this period, the main thing to bear in mind is that your house is still drying out, since thousands of litres of water were used in the construction. As you new home dries out, it will release moisture into the air which can create condensation on cold surfaces such as windows and exterior walls. You can reduce this by keeping background central heating as low as possible, and you may choose to open windows for a while each day, to circulate fresh air around the house. During this period, a few small cracks may appear in the walls and timberwork, this is quite normal and can be cured when you re-decorate.

Where can I find information or instructions for a component in my home?

All components in a new Bellway home are supplied by reputable and respected suppliers and instruction manuals will be contained within your Handover Folder. 

Further information on specific components or appliances can frequently be found by searching the internet, using the manufacturer’s names along with the model number of the specific appliance.

What do I do if water is backing up in my toilet when flushed?

Prevent any additional water going into the underground drainage system by turning off all taps, not flushing toilets and not showering or bathing. (Please do not drain a bath, should it already be filled.)

Contact the Customer Care Department immediately, or Safeguard if outside of normal office hours.

What do I do if electricity has failed?

Please check that there is not a problem with the incoming supply by contacting the utility company or checking with neighbours.

Check circuit breakers to identify the affected circuit at the consumer unit.

If possible, return the circuit breaker to the “on” position.

If the breaker will not return to the “on” position, it indicates a fault in the wiring or with an appliance on that particular circuit.

Please disconnect all appliance and then try to return breaker to “on” position.  This will allow you to identify the faulty appliance.

If the appliance is supplied by Bellway, please report in the normal manner to the divisional Customer Care Team

What do I do if my Hot Water system fails (Incl. Central Heating)?

Check the pressure gauge at the boiler/hot water cylinder and re-pressurise if below the recommended pressure. Reset the appliance.

Check the electrical supply to the boiler, including the fuse to the spur, if applicable. (This is normally located close to the boiler.)

Look for error codes on the boiler display and refer to User Manual.

Contact the Customer Care Department immediately, or Safeguard if outside of normal office hours.

What do I do if I have no water?

Check that the water stopcock/isolating valve has not been inadvertently closed.

Check with neighbours to ascertain if other properties are affected. (This will indicate an issue with the water supplier.)

Contact the utility provider to determine the nature of the loss of supply.

What do I do if I have a water leak?

Is the leak containable? I.e. does it stop when for the instance, the shower is turned off?

YES – Contain the leak and report to Customer Care Team.

NO – Prevent additional water entering the pipework by turning off the water stopcock/ isolating valve.  Contact the Customer Care Department immediately, or Safeguard if outside of normal office hours.

What do I do if my home has storm damage?

Storm damage should be reported to your home insurance company immediately.

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