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We are offering drop-in appointments across all our developments; however, should you wish to have dedicated time with our sales advisor, we encourage you to book ahead. Click here for further details.

For buildings built since 5 April 1992 where building safety issues have not been previously advised to Bellway

If the Managing Agent and or Building Owners has identified building safety issues but not previously communicated this to Bellway, please provide the following details regarding the known defects and send as an email to buildingsafety@bellway.co.uk.

Please provide us with the following information

Company name:
Contact email:
Name of Development:
Development address:
Individual block names:
Year of completion:
Is the development: Over 18m (typically over 6 storey) / Between 11-18m (typically between 4-6 storey) / Below 11m (typically below 4 storey)
NHBC Buildmark Warranty: Active/Lapsed
Building Owner Name:
Contact details: Address: Tel: Email:
Managing Agent/Management Company name:
Contact details: Address: Tel: Email:
Has an EWS1 Survey been conducted at your development:
If so, what Rating did it receive? A1 / A2 / A3 / B1 / B2
Please provide a summary of finding:
Has a Fire Risk Assessment been conducted at your development?
Please provide a summary of finding:
Are there any defects deemed to be life-threatening at your development?
Please provide a summary:
Have interim measures been introduced at the development?
Include details:
Please indicate the approx. costs of these measures: £ per month
Have any costs relating to building safety been passed on to leaseholders? Yes/No

Once received, Bellway will review the information provided and a member of our Fire Safety Team will be in touch for further information and to provide information on our strategy for remediation for buildings with life-critical building safety defects.

We expect to receive a high volume of enquiries from building owners/managing agents so will come back to you as soon as practicably possible.

NHBC Buildmark warranty

All Bellway developments are sold with the benefit of a 10-year NHBC Buildmark warranty. You should check your policy documents, including NHBC Buildmark, to see if you have the right to claim. In most cases, Managing Agents would make this claim on behalf of all leaseholders. Bellway is not the policyholder so is unable to submit a claim on your behalf.