Wigan Council Affordable Homes Scheme

Those eligible to purchase an affordable home through the Wigan Council Equity Loan Scheme could benefit from up to a 30% interest free loan towards the price of selected Bellway homes (please ask for information about selected plots). A minimum of 5% deposit is required by the purchaser. The loan must be paid back after 25 years.

How does it work?

On selected plots, where the Wigan Council Equity Loan Scheme is available, Wigan Council could offer you a loan for a percentage of the property value (usually 30%).

You will be required to put down at least a 5% deposit and to secure a mortgage from a lender for the remainder of the property’s value.

Property value = £120,000

30% equity loan (Wigan Council) = £36,000

5% deposit required (You) = £6,000

65% mortgage required (Bank / Building Society) = £78,000

There is no interest to pay on the equity loan but you will need to pay it back:

 At the end of the term, which is usually 25 years

 Or before then if you sell the property

 Or before then if you wish to pay part, or all, of the equity loan off.

When you repay the loan, the amount you repay will be based on the market value of the property at the time.


Property value at time of sale = £150,000

30% equity loan repayment = £45,000

Eligibility criteria:

To be considered for this scheme, applicants should meet one of the following criteria:

 You must currently live in the borough of Wigan, and have lived there for at least the last six months, or

 You have lived in the borough for at least three of the last five years,

 You are employed and your usual workplace is within Wigan borough,

 You are a former member of the armed forces, who is returning to the borough of Wigan on discharge, or

 You have a long-standing family connection to the borough.

In addition to the above, Wigan Borough Council will need to carry out an initial financial assessment to assess that you need assistance to buy and that the scheme will be affordable to you.

Current homeowners will need to sell the property before you complete the purchase under this scheme. Any proceeds from the sale will be considered when the council assess your financial circumstances.

The property that you buy under the scheme should be your only or principal home and you should not have any interest in another property for the duration of the equity loan.

For further information about Wigan Council’s Affordable Homes scheme, please contact on 01942 489204 housingservices@wigan.gov.uk 



Offer available on selected developments and plots only, subject to status and availability.

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