As one of the UK’s largest house builders, our aim is to provide high quality new homes in desirable surroundings which have been constructed in a socially responsible manner. A sustainable approach to construction isn’t just beneficial for the environment; it makes commercial sense and brings benefits to our shareholders, customers, employees and the local community.

Our long term approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR), branded as Bellway4Good, considers the interests of our diverse stakeholder groups to ensure we make positive social, environmental and economic contributions across our business.

Our Bellway4Good vision focuses on three principal areas of importance to our business – Environment; Construction; Society and Economy. These three key areas encompass various ‘themes’ against which we set annual targets to monitor our ongoing performance.

  1. Environment: biodiversity and ecology; energy; water; transport; carbon emissions.

  2. Construction: planning; procurement; research and development; site management; waste.

  3. Society and Economy: charities; customers; economic development; employees; health and safety; stakeholders; communities.

Bellway4Good is our commitment to ensure that we operate our business in a responsible manner and is reflected through our actions and within our comprehensive suite of corporate policies, processes and procedures.