• 4,645 homes were constructed with integrated waste recycling facilities (2016: 4,303)

Comparative Data

Percentage of homes developed on Brownfield Sites

2017/18 targets

For the 2017/18 Bellway financial year, we have set a range of targets across our three CR themes (Environment, Construction, and Society and Economy). We have prioritised these targets and published our top 12 priorities across the themes for this financial year. This approach allows us to focus our efforts on the areas of greatest impact, while continuing to work internally on our additional targets.

Although we do not have a publicly published target for domestic waste this financial year, we are very much committed to the ongoing enhancement of this area of our business and will continue to pursue our non-published internal targets.

To support our customers in making environmentally friendly decisions, where space allows we incorporate internal recycling facilities in new homes.

We also now provide information in our homeowner information packs, highlighting the importance of recycling domestic waste, including location and details of the nearest local authority recycling centre.

Case studies

Golden Skips

Bellway’s Golden Skip scheme is operate on some of our developments. It helps new homeowners dispose of the cardboard boxes, packaging and general waste associated with a house move. Not only is it a useful service for new residents, it helps protect the environment as all of the waste is carefully recycled by Bellway site staff who regularly empty the skip and sort the rubbish into the correct categories for onward disposal by our waste contractors.

Hamish Croker, who recently moved into a four bedroom house at the Birchwood development in Cowdenbeath (Scotland) praised the scheme. “Having the skip takes all the hassle away of constantly emptying bins and taking bags up to the tip. It’s helped take some of the stress out of the house move."