Climate change policy

The way in which Bellway manages its business today can have an effect on the environment in the future, through the way in which our homes are constructed, the energy required to build them and the energy our customers use while living in them.

As a major developer of new homes in the UK, we realise that we have a significant role to play in combating climate change and reducing GHG emissions and we define our position on this issue by:

  • Supporting precautionary action on climate change while recognising that aspects of the science are still evolving and remain the subject of expert debate.
  • Believing that climate change is a long-term issue and support urgent but informed action to stabilise GHG concentrations by achieving sustainable long-term emission reductions.
  • Supporting an inclusive approach that acknowledges the existence of many different starting points, priorities and solutions.
  • Believing that government and business must work together to create policies that contribute towards the provision of new homes while at the same time reducing emissions.

At Bellway we will focus our efforts on:

  • Working to ensure that we achieve or exceed the energy efficiency of new homes in accordance with environmental standards, as dictated by the building regulations.
  • Evaluating the materials used during the construction process. Where suitable and economically viable, selecting products from supply chain partners which limit harmful GHG emissions both in their manufacture and subsequent use.
  • Continue to inform and encourage customers to follow practices that have a less harmful effect upon the environment.
  • Reducing our carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption.