R&D sustainable construction

Performance Against 2016/17 Target


We will continue to investigate new commercially available sustainable building products/techniques/materials to assess their design and build performance

Five building products, techniques or materials were investigates in 2017 with further investigation and evaluation to continue in 2018


For the 2017/18 Bellway financial year, we have set a range of targets across our three CR themes (Environment, Construction, and Society and Economy). We have prioritised these targets and published our top 12 priorities across the themes for this financial year. This approach allows us to focus our efforts on the areas of greatest impact, while continuing to work internally on our additional targets.

Although we do not have a publicly published target for research and development this financial year, we are very much committed to the ongoing enhancement of this area of our business and will continue to pursue our non-published internal targets.

Residential development sites are diverse in their character and environment. This offers us the opportunity for the research and development of new systems, products and processes to further improve our efficiency.

We keep under constant review our house designs and building materials to learn from the way they perform during construction and in use. This improves the performance of the home for our customers as well as reducing costly and wasteful repair and alteration works.