Construction waste


  • Diversion rates continue to improve with 97.8% of waste diverted from landfill (2016: 95.9%) - rates have now risen year-on year from 82.3% in 2012
  • The amount of waste sent to landfill fell by 36.9%
  • Tonnes of waste per home sold rose to 9.25 (2016: 8.52)

Waste Performance

Waste Category











Timber (t) 4,153 5,222 5,126 6,923 10,511
Aggregates (t) 9,258 8,624 13,785 16,432 19,188
Plasterboard (t) 2,373 2,596 3,162 3,562 4,110
Mixed metals (t) 174 286 304 477 1,322
Mixed waste (t) 27,206 33,303 44,353 46,830 53,771
Electrical (t) 108 3 1 1 9
Hazardous (t) 186 123 9 37 164
Total (t) 43,458 50,157 66,740 74,262 89,075
Diverted (t) 39,181 44,784 62,001 71,226 87,196
Diverted (%) 90.2% 89.3% 92.9% 95.9% 97.8%
Homes Completed 5,652 6,851 7,752 8,721 9,644
Waste (t) per Completed Home 7.69 7.32 8.61 8.52 9.25

Performance Against 2016/17 Target

We will continue work to introduce a maximum number of waste management contractors across all divisions, aiming for 100% compliance by 2018 and work to identify key waste reduction opportunities

In-depth analysis of site-by-site waste data for 20% of divisions has indicated negligible cost saving opportunities. Therefore the target has been curtailed and the focus in 2018 will be on spreading best practice on waste management across the wider Group

We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 95% or above

We continue to improve our diversion rates, achieving 97.8% in 2017 (2016: 95.9%)

Comparative Data

Percentage of homes developed on Brownfield Sites

Percentage of homes developed on Brownfield Sites


2017/18 targets

For the 2017/18 Bellway financial year, we have set a range of targets across our three CR themes (Environment, Construction, and Society and Economy). We have prioritised these targets and published our top 12 priorities across the themes for this financial year. This approach allows us to focus our efforts on the areas of greatest impact, while continuing to work internally on our additional targets.

Below you can find our public targets relating to construction waste.


We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 97% or above

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate and in 2017/18 we will establish a rolling average measurement of tonnes of waste per 1000 sq foot of completed homes with a view to setting a strategy to reduce waste in 2018/19

Our primary objective on every development is to prevent waste in the first instance. This is achieved through a waste management strategy that begins with the planning and design process, and filters down through the management of the construction process and across the lifetime of the development. We are also constantly evolving our house types and construction processes, seeking new systems and products to help improve the efficiency of the construction process.