Construction waste

Summary of performance

Diversion rates continue to improve with 98.1% of waste diverted from landfill (2017 – 97.8%) - rates have risen year-on year from 82.3% in 2012

The amount of waste sent to landfill fell by 3.7%

Tonnes of waste per home sold rose to 9.39 (2017 – 9.25)

Performance against 2017/18 targets

We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 97% or above

We continue to improve our diversion rates, achieving 98.1% in 2018 (2017: 97.8%)

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate and in 2017/18 we will establish a rolling average measurement of tonnes of waste per 1000 sq foot of completed homes with a view to setting a strategy to reduce waste in 2018/19

Following analysis during the year this metric was updated to ‘tonnes of waste per home under construction’ to better reflect the impact of ‘construction works in progress’. A waste reduction strategy will be implemented in 2018/19

Performance data

The materials we use to build our homes are resources that require careful management. Our aim is to use such resources as efficiently as possible, ensuring that we limit our impact on the environment by minimising waste, and so deliver cost and efficiency savings which benefit our wider business, customers and stakeholders.

Our primary objective on every development is to prevent waste in the first instance. This is achieved through a waste management strategy that begins with the planning and design process, and filters down through the management of the construction process and across the lifetime of the development. We are also constantly evolving our house types and construction processes, seeking new systems and products to help improve the efficiency of the construction process.

Waste that is produced is then, wherever possible, segregated on-site and handled by our various waste management contractors. The vast majority is reused, recycled or, as a last resort, used as ‘refuse derived fuel’. Only a very small proportion is sent to landfill.