Construction site management


  • 245 of our site managers hold NVQ Level 6 (or equivalent) qualifications, up 14% (2016: 206)
  • A record 49 site managers won National House Building Council (NHBC) Pride in the Job Awards received (2016: 43)
  • 10 Bellway Site Managers won awards at the 2017 NHBC Health and Safety Awards (2016: 5), including the National Award in the large builder category and the National Runner-up award in the multi-storey category
  • We achieved an average Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) score of 34.6 (2016: 33.8)
  • The proportion of sites registered with the CCS fell to 56% (2016: 58%)

Comparative Data

Percentage of homes developed on Brownfield Sites

Percentage of homes developed on Brownfield Sites

2017/18 targets

For the 2017/18 Bellway financial year, we have set a range of targets across our three CR themes (Environment, Construction, and Society and Economy). We have prioritised these targets and published our top 12 priorities across the themes for this financial year. This approach allows us to focus our efforts on the areas of greatest impact, while continuing to work internally on our additional targets.

Although we do not have a publicly published target for construction site management this financial year, we are very much committed to the ongoing enhancement of this area of our business and will continue to pursue our non-published internal targets.

Site Managers

Site Managers undertake a wide range of diverse and demanding duties and their wealth of technical knowledge makes them an essential asset to the business. They are encouraged to perform at the highest level and to provide a friendly and supportive environment in which to work.


We believe that good health and safety, customer care, and construction quality are essential in achieving high standards across all aspects of the business. Bellway Site Managers continue to be recognised as being amongst the best in the industry, winning National House Building Council (NHBC) Health and Safety Awards as well as NHBC Pride in the Job awards.

Considerate Construction

We take pride in our developments, from the management of the construction site and the care we give to our customers, through to the relationships built with those affected by our work practices and the finished homes we build.

To co-ordinate these efforts sites are often registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). The CCS is an independent assessment system which awards points over five categories relevant to construction sites:

  • Enhancing the appearance.
  • Respecting the community.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Securing everyone’s safety.
  • Caring for the workforce.

Each category can be awarded a maximum of 10 points and good practice, consistency, evidence of good communication and innovation are rewarded with high scores.

Case studies

Pride In The Job Awards

We strive to ensure that our homes are built to a high standard, helping to reduce remedial work and minimise disruption for our customers. This focus on build quality has seen a record 49 of our site managers rewarded with National House Building Council (NHBC) Pride in the Job awards.

These awards recognise the country's best site managers and is the house-building industry's most prestigious awards programme. Judges score site managers on a number of areas, including their demonstration of excellent leadership, quality of workmanship, technical expertise and robust health and safety procedures. To win an award, these qualities must be evident across all stages of the build and must highlight site managers’ meticulous attention to detail.

Winning site managers:

  • Durham - Mike Rowbotham
  • East Midlands - Jan Ruddick; Dave Pringle; Steve Alcock; Tom Nicklin; James Dunn; Gary Archer; Dave Monk; Steve Pearson
  • Essex - Lee Ackland; Stewart Finn
  • Kent - Ashley Tassell; Dan Stewart
  • Manchester - Karl Henshaw
  • North East - Ray Dargue JNR; Ray Dargue SNR; Adam Dowell; Neil Hutcheon
  • North London - Greg Bacon; Mark Todd; Chandra Kancham; Elie Saways
  • North West - Liam Navarro
  • Northern Home Counties - Alan Holmes; Alan Lee; Steve Beck; Ryan Burgess; Steven
  • Kolodziejczyk; Rob Connolly
  • Scotland - George Carty; Graeme Logan
  • South Midlands - Jim Mannion; Les McMahon
  • Thames Gateway - Jeff Moss; Gary Nott; Clay Fordham; Richard Brittain
  • Thames Valley - Jim McCann
  • Wales - Keith Parsons
  • Wessex - Nick Ridd; Dave Murnane.
  • West Midlands - Paul Edwards; Will Graham; Steve Brown; Nick Thomas; Steve Marshall
  • Yorkshire - Martin Griffiths; Graeme Simpson; Vincent Hardcastle

At the regional award ceremonies 15 of the 49 site managers were awarded Seal of Excellence awards while two picked up their respective regional awards:

Regional Winners

  • Scotland: George Carty
  • Wessex: Dave Murnane

Seal of Excellence Awards

  • East Midlands: Dave Pringle; Tom Nicklin; Gary Archer; Dave Monk; Steve Pearson
  • Northen Home Counties: Steve Kolodziejczyk
  • Kent: Ashley Tassell
  • North East: Ray Dargue Jr Scotland: George Carty
  • Wessex: Dave Murnane
  • West Midlands: Will Graham
  • Yorkshire: Martin Griffiths