Available on: The Venus - End Terrace, The Dunstable - Detached, The Hambrook - Linked, The Diamond - Semi-Detached, The Hornet - Linked, The Ironside - Detached, The Venus - Detached, The Merlin - Semi-Detached, The Teal - Semi-Detached, The Cotswold - Detached, The Cotswold - Mid Terrace, The Burton - Detached, The Heron - Semi-Detached, The Hambrook - Semi-Detached, The March - Semi-Detached, Murston House - The Mersey - Apartment, Murston House - The Eden - Apartment, The Medina - Semi-Detached, The Hornet - Mid Terrace, The Dunstable - End Terrace, The Drake - End Terrace, The Sincerity - Detached, The Drake - Linked, The Gannet - Linked, The Spurgeon - Detached, The Varnes - Mid Terrace, The Derby - Semi-Detached, The Ibis - Detached, The Cotswold - Semi-Detached, The Spurgeon - Linked, The Hornet - Semi-Detached, The Britannia - Detached, The Varnes - End Terrace, The Diamond - Linked, The Heron - Linked, The Georgiana - Linked, The Cotswold - End Terrace, The Drake - Semi-Detached, The Humber - Semi-Detached

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