Buyers flock to Bellway’s Oaklands development

Despite what you might hear and read, the housing market is alive and well in North Solihull where Bellway have sold 8 homes in the last 6 weeks at their Oaklands development on Lanchester Way on Lanchester Park.

The development comprised of three bedroom semi detached homes priced from £152,000 has experienced a regular flow of visitors since it opened in August.

“We researched the market very carefully to ensure that we built the most appropriate house type and established a price point that would be attractive and affordable, plus we realise that all buyers are different, so we have a range of offers and incentives available to match buyer requirements, confirmed Steve Rose, Bellway’s Sales Director.

Currently Bellway are offering potential buyers the option of part exchange or their Express Mover Service, where Bellway agree a price for your old home then employ an estate agent on your behalf who is focussed on selling your old home more quickly, at the same time Bellway will market details of your old home via their network of local developments, the service is completely free of charge.

Members of the armed services can take advantage of an exclusive discount of £500 for every £25,000 or part thereof off the cost of the property you are buying. For example, on a home costing £152,000 a member of the armed forces would qualify for a reduction of £3,500 off the price of a brand new home, in addition to any other advertised offer.

For commuters, Oaklands is well placed for quick and easy access to the M6 and M42 and Water Orton railway station is close by.

For more information or call the sales centre Tel 07855 337107 open Thursday to Monday 10:30 to 5pm and Thursday 10:30 to 7:30pm.