Bellway shows its support for the UK’s Ancient Woodlands

House builder, Bellway has donated £5,000 to the Woodland Trust. The housing group that plants thousands of trees a year at its development across the country identified the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Woodland Restoration Project for support.

Starting in 2014, The Woodland Trust will be launching an ambitious project to restore a massive 52,000 ha (almost 130,000 acres) of damaged ancient woodland.

Tim Hodges, Woodland Restoration Programme Manager, from the Woodland Trust, said: “This is the largest project of its kind that has ever been undertaken in the UK and will cost £2.9 million, despite Heritage Lottery Funding of £1.9 million, donations such as Bellway has made today are vital to help see the project through.”

The restoration will involve the gradual removal of conifers that were planted on ancient woodland sites. The removal will allow more light to slowly penetrate the tree canopy, so that the last fragments of ancient woodland species can start to recover, over time reversing years of damage. 

Many of these conifer woods are now approaching maturity and due to be felled. If they are re-stocked with more conifers, the chance to restore the smothered ancient woodland will be lost. Therefore this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help save this iconic ancient woodland. 

Among the locations identified for restoration are woodlands in Herefordshire and West Worcestershire such as Credenhill Park Wood, a designated Ancient Monument and Special Wildlife Site.  

Commenting on Bellway’s support, Corporate Affairs Manager, Julian Kenyon, said: “This donation fits very closely with our sustainability agenda to contribute towards schemes that will protect our environment for generations to come. Our woodlands are magical and mystical places which makes them a great place for walking and recreation we are very happy to be able to support this excellent project to protect these ancient woodlands.”

To make a donation to the Woodland Trust, visit their website