CR Performance at a glance


    • Number of owned and controlled plots with implementable DPP
    • Number of homes sold



    • Number of trees planted
    • Percentage of homes developed on brownfield sites
    • Number of homes with energy saving and renewable technology
    • Number of homes with rainwater harvesting
    • Number of homes with waste recycling facilities
    • Number of homes with cycle stores



    • Percentage of waste diverted from landfills
    • Tonnes of construction waste per home sold


Society & Economy

    • Male/Female percentage split
    • Staff Turnover
    • Charitable Donations
    • Employee Fundraising
    • Number of Social Completions
    • NHBC Price in the Job awards
    • NHBC Health and Safety awards
    • Employee Numbers
    • Health and Safety Prosecutions
    • RIDDOR incident rate per 100,000 employees
    • RIDDOR incident rate per 100,000 employees
    • Split of section 106 payments