2017/18 CR Targets

Energy We will ensure that 100% of our compounds are fitted with energy saving devices by 2020
Energy We will limit the engine size of fork lifts to 55 watts on all sites by 2019, delivering fuel and carbon savings
Energy We will roll-out an energy saving campaign to all divisional offices as a trial to measure and reduce office energy use (measured in kwh per employee)
Carbon We will monitor and analyse our carbon footprint data, identifying areas for greatest potential savings, prior to devising a strategy to set a longer term carbon reduction target for 2018/19
Construction Waste We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 97% or above
Construction Waste We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate and in 2017/18 we will establish a rolling average measurement of tonnes of waste per 1000 sq foot of completed homes with a view to setting a strategy to reduce waste in 2018/19
Planning We will pilot Building for Life on a minimum of 1 site and assess the impact on planning, construction costs and development desirability over the next 3 years (2016/17 – 2019/20)
Customer Engagement We will deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, aiming to retain our 5 Star Builder status for the 2017 year and achieving an overall customer satisfaction score of at least 85.7%
Health and Safety We will deliver Traffic Management and Ladder Training safety briefings at 100% of sites to aid a reduction in our RIDDOR Reportable Accident and Incidents
Employee Development We will develop a more structured and integrated programme for graduates, trainees and apprentices by 2018
Charitable Giving We will extend our partnership with Cancer Research UK for a further year and aim to increase our fundraising and donation total across the 2 year period to at least £600,000
Charitable Giving We will continue to encourage and support our employees in their fundraising activities, increasing the amount they raise for charity compared to 2016/17, by:
  • Matching their individual fundraising efforts
  • Introducing a Payroll Giving service to enable them to easily donate to their chosen charitable cause in a tax efficient way