Performance against 2015/16 CR Targets


We will aim to ensure that 100% of new and hired-in construction compounds will include at least 2 energy saving devices, bring the percentage of all compounds with energy saving devices fitted to at least 60%.

By the end of 2015/16, 84.3% of our compounds were fitted with energy saving devices (2014/15 - 52%).

We will seek to design new sites to achieve an average energy efficiency of at least 5% better than the applicable building regulations standard.

We achieved an average efficiency rate of 5.67% better than the applicable building regulations standard.

We will aim to undertake energy audits at a minimum of 2 divisional offices to identify energy saving opportunities that can be implemented across our office estate.

Audits were undertaken and relevant findings have been taken forward for implementation.
Domestic Waste

We will aim to provide information on local recycling centres in customers’ home handover folders, helping them to divert an increasing proportion of their household waste from landfill.

Information on local recycling centres is now included in each handover folder.
Sustainable Transport

We will aim to include sustainable travel information in customers’ home handover folders, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their transport choices.

Sustainable travel information is now included in each handover folder.
Construction Waste Management

We will aim to introduce a maximum of 3 waste management contractors across all divisions to improve waste management data and diversion rates, with 100% compliance achieved by 2018.

Work is continuing on this project and the target has been rolled over into 2016/17.
Construction Waste

We will aim to increase the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites from the existing 92.9% level.

Diversion rates increased to 95.9% for the 2015/16 year.
Construction Site Management

We will aim to review 20% of development sites to influence standard compound configuration & design with a view to reducing material wastage rates.

Site reviews took place and an Environmental Management Good Practice Guide has been issued to all divisions.

We will aim to improve the community engagement process for new development applications (of 50 or more units) by publishing details of the development proposals on-line, including the ability for interested parties to leave comments/feedback for due consideration.

In 2015/16 36 planning applications qualified under the terms of the target, all of which had on-line public consultations with feedback facilities.
Considerate Construction

We will aim to improve our average Considerate Construction Scheme score to at least 35.

Performance slipped during the year and our average score was 33.9.
Our Employees

We offer all employees the opportunity to participate in a contributory pension scheme and will increase the company matched contribution from a minimum of 3% to 4%.

Following consultation with employees, the minimum employer and employee pension contributions were increased from 3% to 4% - contributions rates have now doubled in the past 2 years.
Customer Engagement

We will aim to regain our status as a 5 Star Builder, reflective of our commitment to provide high levels of customer satisfaction.

We narrowly missed regaining our 5 star housebuilder status.
Customer Engagement

We will aim to achieve an overall customer satisfaction score of at least 83.8%, by reference to a broad based measure comprising six performance criteria.

Our 2015/16 score was 85.7%.
Economic Development

We will aim to deliver at least 5% growth in the number of homes sold, helping address the UK housing shortage.

2015/16 growth in homes sold was 12.5%.
Health and Safety

We will aim to continue to reduce RIDDOR Reportable Accidents and Incidents per 100,000 employees compared to 2014/15.

RIDDOR rates finished above the previous year’s level for the first time in 4 years (445.19 against a target of 430.74). This was due to a high number of reportable incidents in the final month of the year.
Health and Safety

We will aim to achieve a Group National House Building Council Health and Safety score of 0.986 or better.

Our 2015/16 score of 0.766 was the 4th year of improvement and we again finished well below the All Builder Average of 4.721.
Charitable Giving

We will continue to improve employee engagement on charitable activity, aiming to donate over £100,000 to our national charity partners through a combination of direct donations, employee fundraising and matched funding, while increasing our annual charitable budget in line with earnings, year on year.

Fundraising and donations were £159,228.20 for the year, bringing the total across the 18 month partnership to £265,116.76. In total the company donated £210,000 to charities and good causes, a 44% increase on 2014/15.