2016/17 CR Targets

Energy We will increase the proportion of construction compounds with energy saving devices to at least 90%.
Energy We will limit the engine size of fork lifts to 55 watts on all sites by 2019, delivering fuel and carbon savings.
Energy We will develop a ‘best practice’ energy saving campaign, implement in 1 division and assess its impact prior to considering roll-out across the wider business.
Water We will introduce metered supplies for construction water usage at 90% of new developments, building up an accurate picture of Bellway’s water usage.
Carbon We will develop quarterly carbon reporting with a view to establishing carbon reduction targets in future years.
Construction Waste Management We will continue work to introduce a maximum number of waste management contractors across all divisions, aiming for 100% compliance by 2018 and work to identify key waste reduction opportunities.
Construction Waste We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 95% or above.
Planning We will pilot ‘Building for Life’ on a minimum of 1 site and assess the impact on planning, construction costs and development desirability over the next 3 years.
Construction R&D We will continue to investigate new commercially available sustainable building products / techniques / materials to assess their design and build performance.
Supply Chain Management We will continue to source 100% of timber from sustainable supplies.
Customer Engagement We will deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and aim to achieve ‘5 Star Builder’ status for the 2016/17 year.
Health and Safety We will deliver ‘slips, trips & falls’ tool box talks at 100% of sites to aid a reduction in our RIDDOR Reportable Accident and Incidents.
Employee Development We will increase the number of training days per employee compared to 2015/16 levels.
Employee Development We will develop a more structured and integrated programme for graduates, trainees and apprentices by 2018.
Charitable Giving We will engage with our employees and Cancer Research UK with the aim of raising and donating over £100,000 to the charity in the 2016/17 year.