Transport and Connectivity

We will provide customers with information on sustainable transport links in and around their chosen development, improving connectivity options for them as they settle into their new communities and surrounding areas.

Information is now provided in the ‘my space’ folders held at each development sales office.

We will aim to include sustainable travel information in customers’ home handover folders, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their transport choices

Sustainable travel information is now included in each handover folder.


Number of homes with cycle storage

Location can play a key role in deciding where to live. We help our customers to make the right choice in relation to the location of the site by providing a range of information in site-specific literature, known as ‘my space’. The document is held in the sales office for potential customers to view, so they can decide for themselves whether the location is right for them. 

Travel Links

Specific data may include details of public transport (bus and trains), the location and contact details of services such as local libraries, doctors and dentists, and distances to motorway links. Sustainable transport links can be a deciding factor when purchasing a new home and in the last financial year (2015/16), 182 of our sites were within 500 metres of a public transport connection and we provided cycle storage in 4,091 homes.

Company Cars

Our company car policy is currently under review but we continue to monitor emission levels and the average level has fallen slightly this year to 107g/km of CO2 (2015/16: 108g/km). 34% of the fleet have emissions below 100g/km CO2 and vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturer requirements to help reduce CO2 emissions and maximise fuel efficiency. 


Case Study

Travel Plan

Bellway’s Stannington Park development, just outside Morpeth in Northumberland, isn’t just delivering much needed housing. A brand new community is being created, including 289 homes, renovation of the existing chapel to provide a community facility, provision of a new cricket pitch and pavilion, creation of a business hub as well as a brand new pub and restaurant. 

The development is very rural and we have focussed heavily on transport links and sustainable travel initiatives across the development. As well as making financial contributions towards improved cycle links, we have appointed the Local Authority as our Travel Plan Co-ordinator to create travel welcome packs for residents, giving advice on sustainable transport options and to encourage the use of local travel initiatives, such as car sharing websites.

We have successfully secured a new bus service, in partnership with Northumberland County Council, providing a 7 day a week service from the development into Morpeth, the closest town. As well as serving Stannington Park, the bus service is also providing much needed transport links to the surrounding villages. Due to its popularity the operator has already added further stops to the route at the request of local residents. Our funding for the new service is in place for five years and it is hoped that during this period it will become established and self-funding.

Again, in partnership with Northumberland County Council, we are investigating the potential for providing a car-club on the development and all of these initiatives make a huge difference in establishing a new community and giving residents sustainable travel choices.